Elodie Yung on whether Elektra will return to Netflix’s

Elektra Natchios is a dangerous character. Audiences got a hint of that during the second season of Daredevil, but Netflix’s The Defenders revealed that she’s not just dangerous, she’s outright deadly and fairly hard to kill. Now, actress Elodie Yung is opening up the character’s future.

In the final moments of season, Elektra and Daredevil remain in the caves below The Hand’s Midland Circle office building knowing that the whole thing is about to blow and kill them, death being something Elektra seems more than ready for. However, it’s revealed that Matt survived the explosion and resulting collapse and in an interview with THR, Yung revealed that she’d like to see Elektra come back as well.

“I really like Elektra. It just feels unfinished. She’s done all of that, and now what? Where is she? And he’s alive. So, I’m hoping their paths will cross again. I want to know where she lives and what she does and if she’s enjoying life and all of that,” Yung said.


“She’s such a great female character. She’s so crazy and strong and she has so many flaws. You kind of feel for her… There’s humanity in there.”

However, if there are plans for Elektra to return they aren’t plans that Yung has been made privy to. The actress says that she hasn’t been told what is happening with the character beyond the end of The Defenders.

“It would be interesting to explore that again, especially after what just happened. But we’ll have to see what Marvel will do with her. I have no clue,” Yung said.

The Defenders is streaming now on Netflix.

Source: ComicBook

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