Elodie Yung to Star a new Fox Series ‘The Cleaning Lady’

Yung will play Thony De La Rosa, a doctor herself and we see a glimpse of that when a man is coming onto her and her friend punches him in the throat to get him away from her. They ask her how she knew how to do it and we’re then thrust into the world of Thony’s sick son Luca and what she’s doing to protect him. And that seems to include joining up with organized crime to make the money she needs to get Luca his treatment and make a life for them both.

Official synopsis:

THE CLEANING LADY is a thrilling and emotionally driven character drama about a whip-smart Cambodian doctor who comes to the U.S. for a medical treatment to save her ailing son. However, when the system fails and pushes her into hiding, she refuses to be beaten down and marginalized. Instead, she becomes a cleaning lady for organized crime, using her cunning and intelligence to forge her own path in the criminal underworld.

Starring: Elodie Yung (“The Hitman’s Bodyguard”), Adan Canto (“Designated Survivor,”), Martha Millan (“The OA”) and more to come.

Executive producer/writer: Miranda Kwok (“The 100”)
Executive producer/showrunner: Melissa Carter (“Queen Sugar”)
Wxecutive producer/director: Michael Offer (“Homeland,” “How to Get Away with Murder”)
Executive producers: Shay Mitchell (“Pretty Little Liars”)

Air Date: September, 2021


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