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Welcome to Merveilleuse Élodie Yung, your first source dedicated to the talented Elodie Yung. She is best known for her various roles in film and television like G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013) , Gods of Egypt (2016) and for her markable role as Elektra Natchios in the 2nd Season of the Marvel Netflix series Daredevil (2016) and the Netflix miniseries The Defenders (2017). I aim to bring you the latest news and photos of Élodie Yung! Thank you for visiting the site, and come back soon for the latest updates ♥ .

How Elodie Yung Built Her Own Version of Comics’ Most Famous Femme Fatale

How Elodie Yung Built Her Own Version of Comics’ Most Famous Femme Fatale

It’s impossible to talk about Daredevil for very long without bringing up Frank Miller, the writer and artist whose tenure on Daredevil comics with Klaus Janson in the ’70s and ’80s essentially changed the comic-book game, turning a straightforward superhero comic into a stylish, rain-slick crime epic. And it’s impossible to talk about Frank Miller’s Daredevilwithout bringing up the character he created in the first Daredevil story he had total control over: Elektra Natchios, Daredevil’s former lover-turned-deadly assassin who would complicate his life in any number of dangerous ways.

To get a little insight as to how Daredevil would reinvent one of the most iconic women in comics, we reached out to Élodie Yung herself to talk about how she went about building this version of Elektra, the reception by comics fans, and whether or not Charlie Cox is any good at fighting.

GQ: What was it like auditioning for and getting to know a character with such a deep history?

The audition process was quite [intense]. It was very much about the work, the acting, and I really enjoyed that. It was a blind audition. I didn’t know much about the character or the plot so I was very free in the audition, because I could just explore different sides of the text, and they’d throw ideas at me and say “No, maybe go more like this, or more like that,” so I could just build this character progressively.

Then when I knew … I was watching the show, so I knew Daredevil, but I had no clue who Elektra was, so it was a very good surprise for me to get a part so interesting to play. So in-depth, so intense, so complex.

__Yes, you definitely get the chance to build your own version of Elektra on this show. What was that like? __
Thing I didn’t want to do was—well, she can be an archetype. She’s quite strong and has very defined traits in the comics, and you can easily go for the caricature of it. And I didn’t want that. I wanted to make her human. I wanted to make her real. So that’s why it is our own version, it’s my version, but what was important to me was to make her exist … [be more than] the dark girl, or the bloody one. You can easily fall into these traps. The show is about relationships between people; it’s about having characters that are real people, with blood and flesh and feelings.

What do you think is the most important aspect of your version of Elektra?
She is someone who has some violence in her—that’s [part of] her nature, almost, and [also] what she’s been through. It’s a mix of what she is at the origin, and who she became because what she’s gone through in her life. So having a mix between this violence and this almost redemption she’s looking for, the good. Not that she’s conscious of it when she meets Matt, but he has an impact on her and she is looking for goodness. She loves the darkness in him, that’s what she says. But she also says, “You have this light in you, and you can see it in me, Matthew, and you’re probably the only person who can see it.”

She’s almost her own worst enemy in a way, and the complexity is very interesting for me to play.

She’s also a fighter, so you get to express that character in a very physical way.
Yeah, exactly! It was very fun, and as you say—[the story is told] through the drama, with the other actors, but the beauty of the show is that the action is also here to tell a story. I would ask to tweak stuff during the action, because I thought Elektra would more likely express herself with a slap, for example. I wanted to keep the characteristics of my character even during the fights, and express the violence as she would do it, not like somebody else would.

Because sometimes action can be too, Okay, this is the moment, this is the action. Explosion, blood, punch, kick—and that’s not really interesting. In the show we really try to keep the characters alive through the action. In Daredevil, you can really see the conflict we have—the fine line he tries not to cross when he punches people; he fights with this. That’s his problem throughout this season: What are my limits?

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Daredevil Interview: Elodie Yung on Elektra

Daredevil Interview: Elodie Yung on Elektra

We chat with Elodie Yung about Daredevil Season 2, becoming Elektra, and living up to fanboy expectations.

The promos and internet chatter about Daredevil Season 2 have been intensely focused on The Punisher, the forceful anti-hero that arrives to challenge Matt Murdock’s sense of justice and what it means to be a hero, but The Punisher isn’t the only Marvel heavyweight on hand for the Netflix series’ second season. Elodie Yung makes a surprising entrance as assassin Elektra, bringing even more turmoil to Hell’s Kitchen.

When Elektra (Yung) appears on Daredevil, she and Matt Murdock already have a complicated past. Choosing the worst possible time to remerge, just as Matt is in the midst of dealing with the murderous Frank Castle, Elektra arrives with her own designs on our hero. We got to speak with Yung by phone about Daredevil season two, how Elektra shakes things up, and the series’ intense action. Continue reading Daredevil Interview: Elodie Yung on Elektra

Elodie Yung talks about her iconic Marvel character Elektra

Elodie Yung talks about her iconic Marvel character Elektra

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Yung about bringing Elektra to life, whether or not she’s actually a sociopath like her creator Frank Miller intended her to be and more.

Before you signed on to Daredevil, had you seen the 2005 Elektra movie?

I had not. I had no idea who Elektra was. When the producers asked me before I booked the job, I had to tell them. It was a great surprise when I actually got the job. I did some research before the last round of auditions, and that’s when I got really excited because she’s such a rich, complex character. Continue reading Elodie Yung talks about her iconic Marvel character Elektra

How Élodie Yung walked away with Daredevil Season 2

How Élodie Yung walked away with Daredevil Season 2

The French-Cambodian actress explains why the femme fatale is more than just a sociopath.

Something unexpected happened on Netflix last year. Daredevil, the gritty Marvel entry about a blind hero in Hell’s Kitchen, became, at least according to one report, the most watched original series on the streaming service. Thanks to overwhelmingly positive word of mouth and strong performances, the gritty show gained traction outside the usual cape-loving crowd. But one of the most intriguing elements of Season 1—Vincent D’Onofrio’snuanced, villainous Kingpin—is out of commission in Season 2. Marvel drafted two classic Daredevilcomic-book characters, Punisher and Elektra, to take his place. And it’s the latter—a dangerous, nimble ninja-assassin played by French-Cambodian actress Élodie Yung—who steals the entire show. In advance of the second season’s premiere, Yung spoke with VF.com about tackling the explosive legacy of Daredevil’s femme fatale. Continue reading How Élodie Yung walked away with Daredevil Season 2

DAREDEVIL: Elektra’s firt look and first trailer

DAREDEVIL: Elektra’s firt look and first trailer

We know that the upcoming second season of Marvel’s Daredevil will introduce Elodie Yung as Elektra, one of the original comic book’s most popular characters. EW just dropped our first look photo of the Netflix series’ mercenary assassin — albeit without any weapons or her signature scarlet costume.

Elektra is described as “a mysterious woman from Matt Murdock’s past whose dangerous and exotic ways may be more than he can handle.” The first season of Daredevil made reference to a certain “Greek girl” in a flashback scene, which fans recognized as a likely nod to Elektra. Continue reading DAREDEVIL: Elektra’s firt look and first trailer